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She/Her pronouns

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Just in case you hadn’t heard.

Sakura and the Snowy Ski Class.


"sit up straight" how dare you i’ll sit as gay as i please

Our paths will cross again


sailor moon graphic meme: [4/6] friendships/ships

↳artemis and minako aino

You and I are comrades who have fought for peace together, Mina.


I’m (not) sorry.

Listen, Mihashi. Stay three meters away from me, and keep running while maintaining that distance.


blondnepeta asked: Do you ever get emotional when you think of Abe's early personality?


Clap Your Hands


i needed to draw anything oofuri just to see if it showed in the tag (also thanks to my sister for her “very important advices”)


genie: you have 3 wishes, choose wise—

me: oofuri season 3

genie: ok you have 2—

me: oofuri season 4

genie: um ok 1 left—

me: oofuri season 5

genie: what the fuck 

His eyes were red. Big build…the adult facial features and mannerisms…someone as respectable as him was crying. Maybe we pulled off something amazing…?

Yura Yura by Hearts Grow | Naruto OP 9